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Bad Blood

Bad Blood

Jennifer Lynn Barnes

A customer review of The Naturals Series...

"The Naturals series had me in a state of shock that left me staring at the page, jaw dropped. This was the first murder mystery I've ever read, and when I say it was an amazing series, it's an understatement. I read the first three books in two days, and then had to wait less than two days to get the fourth book, (which doesn't sound like much, but was harder than you'd think). The characters made me feel so much, and had me crying, full-on grinning, laughing out loud, and throwing the book down when there was a plot twist (which was at the end of almost every chapter. I mean that.) Cassie is a brave, kind, outgoing person who, despite being independent, realizes she can lean on her friends. Dean had me laughing and crying all of the time. He had a rough past, and is so strong to be able to push past it. Michael made me want to throw something at him and hug him at the same time. I don't completely get him, but I still love him as a character. I can't even explain how much I love Sloane. Her random facts made me snort with laughter (which I'll admit, I guess), and I loved how determined she is. At times, she's less sure of herself when figuring things out, but her friends made her see how much she means to them and how much she helps with their cases. Now, we have Lia. I couldn't say I hate her if I tried. She's confident in what she said, and she really cares about her friends no matter how much she tells Cassie she likes her, but not that much. She would do anything for Dean, and she really understood him. I didn't like her very much in the beginning, but she grew on me. I love Agent Briggs and Agent Sterling, and last but not least, Judd. He cares about the Naturals so much, and wants to keep them safe. He's so sweet to them, but stern when needed. I couldn't ask any more of this series. It had me trying to figure things out in my head, which was something most books don't have me doing, so I really enjoyed that. I guessed a few things right, but even when I did, there was another plot twist to make me rethink reality. To wrap it up, this was most definitely a five-star series, and I would recommend it to people who love murder mysteries, or just plain mysteries. Or books in general. (One last note: I don't even like murder mysteries, but this was one huge exception.) " -- Ellie Z.

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