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Accidentally Wes Anderson: Adventures

Accidentally Wes Anderson: Adventures

PREORDER for 10/22/24

For lovers of travel, design, and exploration, AWA presents a brand-new collection of real-world places that seem plucked from the films of Wes Anderson, and the stories that bring each location to life.

You'll venture to Antarctica through the treacherous Drake Passage, make a stop in lesser-known Jincumbilly, Australia (where platypuses outnumber people), discover the bridge in Wisconsin that went to nowhere, and drop into the most peculiar umbrella shop in London.

But adventure means nothing without someone to tell the tale.

You'll meet the father of American skydiving, who created the officially-sanctioned center of Earth--a California town with a population of two. You'll visit the "post office at the end of the world"--and meet its mustachioed letter carrier, who runs an anarchist island nation in his free time. And you'll travel to a town in the Arctic Circle where cats are prohibited, humans may not be buried, and doomsday vaults hold all we need to survive an apocalypse--including the secret recipe for the Oreo cookie.

Authorized by the legendary filmmaker himself, Accidentally Wes Anderson Adventures reminds us that the world is ours to explore.


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